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GEL Engineering Announces Expansion

Date(s): January 27, 2022

Location: Louisville, KY

GEL Engineering, LLC, an industry-leading provider of emissions testing services, announces the opening of a new office in Louisville, Kentucky.  

Led by Walter Mummert III, Q.S.T.I. and Charles E. Rice, this expansion will make GEL’s premier stack testing services more widely available in the Mid-West and Southeast regions.

The Louisville office will support industrial, manufacturing, and municipal waste facilities with air quality testing services used to confirm emissions are following applicable permit limits and to establish operating parameter limits required by many state and federal regulations. 

“GEL has provided stack testing services for numerous clients in Kentucky and surrounding states for many years from our Charleston, South Carolina, office.  We are extremely excited to open an office closer to our existing clients and the opportunity to support new clients in the Southeast and Mid-West regions” said Keith McCullock, P.E., Director of GEL Engineering.

GEL has provided emissions testing services for over 29 years.  GEL’s stack testing technicians sample gas streams to determine pollutant concentrations, emission rates, and other process-based emission parameters.  Specific services include:  engineering tests to verify that air pollution control devices are meeting manufacturer performance specifications, Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) calibration and troubleshooting, Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA), and on-site analysis and data reporting.  GEL provides mobile stack testing units equipped with pollutant emissions measuring equipment that allows on-site data reporting for pollutants such as total hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury.

The Kentucky office is located at 1833 Cargo Ct., Louisville, KY 40299.

For more information about GEL's emissions testing services, visit:  https://www.gel.com/engineering/services/emissions-testing