Our Experience

Onsite Laboratory Evaluation, Design, and Operation

Certain analytical projects may benefit from having an onsite sample shipment service center or a dedicated onsite laboratory.

The Challenge

GEL works with our clients to determine the most cost effective way to meet the analytical testing needs and project schedule.  Obviously, there are a number of factors that will influence the project costs and the optimum solution, so it is important to work closely with our clients to find the right balance. The solutions can include but are not limited to: 

• An onsite service center with overnight shipment of samples to our laboratory in Charleston, SC where a designated project team are on standby to receive and analyze the samples utilizing project designated analytical instrumentation,
• A dedicated onsite laboratory designed and staffed specifically to meet the analytical testing needs of the project
• A blend of an onsite service center or laboratory coupled with offsite analytical support services

GEL Services Provided

GEL’s experienced management team will meet the client to understand the project objective, project timeline and duration, required certifications, turnaround times needed, number of tests, sample matrices, and the range and complexity of the test methods, and hazardous or radioactivity levels of the samples.

The Result

GEL utilizes the project information to evaluate and develop the most cost effective solution for our clients. If it is determined that an onsite service center or laboratory is the most cost effective support for the project, GEL will design and build the mobile facility, identify and purchase the instrumentation and supplies, prepare the start-up and long term operating costs, establish the Standard Operating Procedures and Quality and Safety Programs, support or provide hiring and selection of the staff, and perform the start-up procedures for the laboratory to obtain the necessary operating certifications.  GEL can also provide the staffing and ongoing operation and management of the laboratory if requested by our client.   In the event,that GEL is responsible for operation and management of an onsite service center and/or laboratory, we utilize our comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), demonstrated Quality and Safety programs, and proven Executive Management Team  as the foundation for the operation, blended with any key components from or client in order to provide a successful operation.