Our Experience

Collaboration with Small Business Lab

GEL paired with a small business energy laboratory to provide their clients with a wider range of services on a quick turnaround time basis.

The Client

Energy Laboratory

The Challenge

With an unprecedented rise in domestic energy production in the U.S., there has been a growing need for capable environmental testing laboratories that can provide quick turn-around analyses. In order for energy companies to establish a baseline and meet permit requirements at their site, they require a responsive laboratory that does not interrupt their workflow.  A small environmental laboratory located in one of the centers of energy exploration was seeking a partner laboratory that could provide the same level of service that they give their clients but for a much broader scope of analyses than what they could offer.

GEL Labs Services Provided

By working closely with the client’s laboratory staff, GEL was able to provide a data deliverable that integrates directly into our client’s LIMS so that when the client received their data package, it is a single cohesive deliverable that meets their needs and timeline.

The Result

GEL has extended its services into one of the largest energy producing centers in the country by developing a strategic partnership with a local, thriving small business. Partnering with small business laboratories helps the small business broaden their client base by giving them the opportunity to offer a wider range of services. The client benefits by having a local point of contact and supporting a small business in their community, and GEL benefits by accessing clients in other areas of the country that would not have originally considered using a laboratory that is hundreds of miles away.   The single biggest reason why this particular small business laboratory partner chose GEL was our reputation for providing quality data.   GEL’s reputation for only allowing defensible data “out the door” gave them the confidence to choose us as their partner.  When we were able to provide competitive pricing, they were pleasantly surprised and immediately switched all of their subcontracted work to GEL.