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Cyber Security

GEL has implemented industry best practices for the security of our computer and network infrastructure.

The Client

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The Challenge

GEL Laboratories LLC delivers and archives data in various forms of electronic media.  The convenience of electronic delivery is a powerful tool for business; however, these efficiency gains have led to vulnerabilities not imagined just a few years ago.  There is a critical need to ensure data remains confidential and is protected from loss.  With so many ways for computer systems to be compromised, the need for protection against cyber attacks is a necessary component for business continuity.

GEL Labs Services Provided

GEL has implemented industry best practices for the security of our computer and network infrastructure.  The best defense against cyber threats is a trained workforce aware of the damage that can result from clicking an attachment or plugging in a thumb drive.  GEL has a training program that includes awareness of these hazards along with a test to demonstrate users are fully informed.  Training includes how to use a robust user password with strict requirements for clearance through network firewalls and access to servers.  In addition to user knowledge and strong passwords that are updated on a high frequency, GEL has a cloud based email appliance that evaluates all incoming and outgoing email for viruses and crypto locker type attachments before entering our physical servers.    Finally, a complete disaster recovery and backup system are deployed to allow for recovery of any losses of data or encryption.

The Result

Our customers can be confident in the systems GEL has deployed to keep our operations working and also to protect sensitive data from being compromised.  We will remain vigilant and continuously improve our cyber security practices as information technology continues to evolve.