Our Experience

International Analytical Support

GEL has experience in receiving and analyzing samples from countries around the world.

The Client

Nuclear Industrial Facilities

The Challenge

Many countries have the need for sophisticated radionuclide characterization but may lack local laboratories to provide defensible results in a timely fashion.

GEL Labs Services Provided

In addition to US markets, GEL supports international projects around the world including the UK, France, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Japan.  Within the UK there is difficulty finding laboratories capable of doing radiological characterization of asbestos materials.  GEL worked with a UK client who sent in asbestos from old enrichment facilities where steam leaks were suspected to have caused contamination.

The Result

GEL was able to quickly determine activity levels for a full suite of radionuclides in multiple samples of pure asbestos materials. Shipping was supported from UK radiological couriers providing packaging, pickup and delivery to GEL.  The samples were shipped in less than 5 days in full compliance to IATA regulations via cargo aircraft.  Due to the hazards of the asbestos material, GEL followed a protocol using glove box enclosures to ensure safe handling of the raw materials.  Results were reported in less than 20 working days with a fully defensible data deliverable.  Data users were able to make important planning and waste classification decisions in a timely manner.