Our Experience

Rapid Support in Japan

Following the tragic tsunami and nuclear events of March 11, 2011 in Japan, GEL provided rapid onsite radiological analysis support.  With radiological contamination potential in air, food and water, GEL was called upon to assist with isotopes of interest including Iodine 131, Cesium 134/137, Strontium 89/90 and Plutonium and Uranium isotopes.

The Client

Large Corporations

The Challenge

GEL is over 7,000 miles from Japan and 11 hours behind on the international clock.  Immediate results were needed and shipping delays made testing in Charleston, SC an unacceptable option.  Purchasing and setting up complicated radiation equipment was not possible in the emergency time frame following the nuclear accident.

GEL Labs Services Provided

Using existing resources, GEL quickly mobilized equipment and experts to set up and train technicians in Japan to screen samples.  Within days of the request, samples were being screened for the presence of radioactivity with high precision and quality assurance to verify that established limits were not exceeded.

With remote connectivity from Charleston, GEL was able to monitor the data integrity and equipment performance once training was complete.  GEL provided quality assurance oversight and monitoring to the companies to ensure continued good technical evaluation for radionuclides.

The Result

GEL provided a total technical solution to companies in Japan by providing equipment, training, and remote oversight; therefore, enabling real time monitoring of the air, food and water following the tsunami.  In simple terms, GEL delivered an extension of our laboratory equipment and expertise to meet an urgent need.