Our Experience

Safety - A Core Value

Safety is a core value at GEL Laboratories, and plays a large part in our company culture.

The Client

GEL employees and all of our clients

The Challenge

Safety is one of GEL’s Core Values and is a top priority. We have a mature safety program and strict operating policies. In addition, GEL has institutionalized feedback, lessons learned, and continuous improvement in our safety performance. Our experience and our safety-focused corporate culture help us mitigate risks. We are dedicated to the concept that all accidents are preventable. We aim to achieve and sustain zero incident performance through continuous improvement practices and an integrated safety management system to protect workers, the public, and the environment.

GEL Labs Services Provided

GEL has established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which cover environmental health and safety, waste management, and radiation safety. These SOPs protect against workplace hazards. In addition to our radiation safety plan, GEL utilizes 13 other supporting procedures including radiation work permits and personnel dosimetry.

The Result

GEL proactively embraces safety in the laboratory. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and OSHA 300 records demonstrate our established safety culture.

We hire individuals with the technical aptitude for laboratory work.  Our employees are trained and supervised with an attitude of understanding that safety is both an individual and corporate responsibility.

Safety personnel are engaged in each analytical project to determine physical, chemical, and radiological hazards. Meetings are held with first line supervisors to ensure samples can be handled safely within the time constraints given. When new or unusual projects are presented, safety personnel are assigned to individual analysts for appropriate support until sufficient training and comfort levels are attained.  First line supervisors and analyst volunteers are provided compliance training topics which are discussed in weekly meetings.  In turn, each group submits its feedback on the topic to all other groups. Weekly reports are submitted to GEL’s owners for review and feedback.  In a further effort to encourage employee participation, GEL’s computer system supports an anonymous “near miss” reporting system. Near miss reports are catalogued and answered by automated emails to all involved and senior management. 

GEL’s facilities, SOPs, and the corporate safety, health, and chemical hygiene plan are all designed with the potential dangers of the laboratory and field operations in mind. Potential dangers are well documented. These procedures have been developed to provide each employee with the guidance needed to ensure that all work at GEL is performed safely. Local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to safety and health are carefully reviewed, and regulatory requirements pertaining to the work at GEL are incorporated into our SOPs.