Our Experience

Weekend Response for Shipping Company

GEL’s fast response to emergency testing required for safe international passage.

The Client

An international shipping company

The Challenge

An international shipping company engaged in the transportation of steel slag by ocean going vessel was loading by multiple barges on the intercoastal waterway between Georgetown and the Port of Charleston.  The company routinely loads the slag byproduct, consisting of metal and silica oxides, from local steel mills using barges.  While loading the uncovered slag, unusually high amounts of rain fell over a several day loading period.

An important test of the slag is percent moisture content, which is used to ensure liquefaction does not occur under the constant motion of sea travel.  The potential to capsize a vessel increases if the liquefaction occurs.  Previous percent moisture values were called into question by the ship captain who was not willing to leave port without a confirmation test.

GEL Labs Services Provided

GEL’s emergency line was called just after noon on a Sunday, and we promptly called in personnel to accommodate this request for a determination of percent moisture over an 8 hour interval.  GEL was able to get the material prepared and drying quickly.

The Result

GEL provided verbal results within 6 hours of the original request, ensuring the percent moisture of the cargo material was safe for international passage.  A certificate of analysis was sent to logistics coordinators the next day, saving costly delays to the shipping company and providing peace of mind to the captain and crew.