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GEL Expands Overseas

GEL has established GEL Laboratories UK Ltd in order to gain greater access to the significant British and European nuclear decommissioning markets.

The company is based in London and is headed up by Dr. Alexandra Ashbourne-Walmsley. Dr. Ashbourne-Walmsley is a US-UK dual citizen and spent many years advising the Chairman of Summerville, SC-based Force Protection, Inc. Her background is in the defense and security industries and she is spearheading GEL UK’s growth in the UK market.

GEL Laboratories UK has become a corporate member of the UK’s Nuclear Industry Association, the Nuclear Institute and Women in Nuclear. Dr. Ashbourne-Walmsley has represented the company at the WM2015 Symposium in Phoenix, AZ in March, as well as at a number of events in the UK during 2015. She has become an active member of the NIA’s nuclear decommissioning working group.