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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments Protect Buyers from Unknown Liabilities

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESAs) are investigations designed to uncover liabilities associated with commercial properties and satisfy one of the requirements to qualify for the landowner liability protection (innocent landowner defense) from CERCLA liability. Phase I ESAs are necessary for all commercial properties from woodlands to aged industrial properties. GEL Engineering personnel perform Phase I ESAs to protect our clients from unexpected environmental issues throughout the southeastern United States.

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PFAS Basics: What Every Industry Should Know

Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are the latest chemicals identified as potentially harmful pollutants found in soil, groundwater, surface waters, and air. PFAS substances are believed to be widespread and persistent in nature with the potential for these chemicals to bioaccumulate in humans, animals, and the. Known as ‘forever chemicals’ due to their non-degradable properties, PFAS substances are a focus for the EPA as studies have shown the presence of these chemicals in the blood of humans and animals at low levels, and associations with human health problems. Anticipated legislation of PFAS chemicals is driving industries to evaluate their PFAS levels.

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The GEL Group Adopts Environmental Sustainability to Protect our Earth

For over 40 years, The GEL Group, Inc. has followed a mission to improve the environment for our clients and colleagues. Sustainability programs have shown a measurable improvement in protecting our natural resources and enhancing environmental and human health. Successful sustainability programs start with a single initiative and grow over time. GEL and our employees are proud to take part in this global effort.

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