Our Experience

CFA’s Unique Services

CFA provides unique services to many environmental laboratories that require specialty testing including analysis of radioactive samples and one-on-one training.

The Client

Environmental Laboratories

The Challenge

Most laboratories do not perform the high resolution analysis for Dioxins/Furans and PCB Congeners that CFA provides due to the often limited demand for these types of analyses, the high cost of the analytical equipment, and the level of technical knowledge and experience that is needed to perform these tests.

CFA Services Provided

CFA works with many environmental laboratories that choose to subcontract these analyses to a laboratory that specializes in performing these niche type tests.  CFA’s laboratory is highly automated and has significant capacity to support large sample projects and provide quick turnaround times to meet demanding project schedules.  In addition, CFA has an extensive LIMS that supports the production infrastructure of the laboratory, data reporting requirements and can provide over 300 various electronic data deliverable (EDD) formats.

An added benefit to working with CFA is that we are one of few laboratories in the country that maintains a Radioactive Material License (RML).  This is a huge advantage to projects that have samples generated from sites where there is suspected or known radioactivity which require that laboratories maintain a RML to ensure proper and safe handling of the samples.

Due to the technical complexity of the data that is generated, CFA offers one-on-one technical training with our clients and their validators to ensure that they understand the data that is received.

The Result

CFA provides a unique service to other laboratories in support of projects requiring analysis of samples for high resolution dioxins/furans and PCB congeners.  CFA can support large volume, quick turn projects and provide our clients with flexible and extensive reporting options in addition to technical training.  In this role, CFA acts as a seamless extension to other laboratories and allows them to fully support the needs of their clients with high quality, defensible data, delivered on time, every time!