Our Experience

3D Laser Scanning Services for MSE Wall Monitoring

For this on-going project, GEL Solutions is providing conventional surveying and modern terrestrial LiDAR technology to monitor Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls being constructed in Guilford County, North Carolina.

The Challenge

GEL Solutions was tasked with monitoring the settlement of MSE walls and spread footings on three separate bridge construction sites that are being erected over the course of several months. The findings are being used to reveal potential movement and deformation issues and assess the performance of the MSE walls, allowing for various phases of construction to conclude.

GEL Solutions Services Provided

GEL Solutions is providing a comprehensive approach which includes conventional surveying and modern terrestrial LiDAR to provide both vertical and lateral movement detection along the targeted MSE walls being constructed. The LiDAR mapping technology we use produces high quality, 3D data and allows for coverage of large areas in a short amount of time while delivering detailed, precise results. Pre-established monitoring intervals with additional monitoring at critical construction milestones are performed to ensure any significant settlement is captured.

The Result

Deliverables included detailed spreadsheets and LiDAR scans in accordance with NCDOT standards. This was one of the first studies of its kind by NCDOT and the results of this project will help shape future construction methods involving bridges with MSE walls and spread footings.