Our Experience

SUE - SCDOT Bridge Project

GEL Solutions performed a Quality Level B SUE Investigation for the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) US 76/US 378 bridge replacement project.

The Challenge

Designing the replacement of bridges can be a daunting task when the nature and location of subsurface utilities are not known.  The challenge for the members of a design project such as this is to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively map the underground utilities so that utility conflicts can be designed around.

GEL Solutions Services Provided

GEL Solutions performed Quality Level B SUE services for an engineering firm under contract to SCDOT.  Radio-frequency EM and GPR technologies were used to map buried electrical, gas, telecommunications, cable television, sanitary sewer gravity mains, and potable water.

Additionally, a detailed power pole inventory was conducted of all pole structures along the route.

The Result

Comprehensive Quality Level B maps in MicroStation (V8) format were produced in accordance with the SCDOT's "CADD Guidelines for SUE Consultants."  The SUE deliverable was used to support the design of the replacement bridge.  The project was performed on-time and on-budget, and the data provided has aided in a replacement bridge design that will minimize utility relocation costs, as well as minimize the risk of utility damage during construction.