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Concrete Imaging

Answers for engineers using a suite of advanced sensors for complex infrastructure solutions.

We commonly conduct non-destructive testing and evaluation of concrete structures for a variety of clients. We use techniques to investigate the location of reinforcement, concrete quality, and the thickness of concrete members without coring.

To investigate your structure, GEL Solutions utilizes GPR antennas ranging from 500 MHz - 2.3 GHz, as well as lower frequency antennas, coupled with various seismic and electrical methods.

  • Plan view maps of conduits, pre-stressed cables, voids, and rebar mesh placement
  • Detecting common issues with concrete structures such as reinforcement corrosion and associated deterioration before the problem becomes visible on the surface


Check out the video below for more information about our concrete imaging services.

Our Locations: Charleston, South Carolina; Raleigh and Greensboro North Carolina and Marietta, Georgia.  Visit our contact page for details.