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Private Utility Locating

Utilizing a wide range of technologies tailored to each utility locating project.

GEL Solutions is a trusted leader in providing private utility locating. Dialing 811 prior to excavating is the law, but it does not necessarily mean that ALL of the utilities are marked. On private property, many utilities are considered to be privately-owned and therefore are not marked by 811 contract utility locators. As a result, excavating without having private utilities located risks utility damage, safety issues, and other impacts. And any damages to unmarked private utilities would be the responsibility of the excavator and/or property owner. GEL Solutions’ experienced and highly trained personnel use a wide range of technologies tailored to each utility locating project. Numerous industrial, energy, military, academic, municipal, and other private and public entities utilize GEL Solutions’ professional approach to marking out private utilities.

Examples include:
  • Buried industrial product/process lines or utilities.
  • Electrical lines and/or conduit extensions to secondary or support structures.
  • Telephone and cable TV extensions to secondary or support structures.
  • Propane lines to swimming pool heaters, gas grills and outdoor pavilions.
  • Irrigation lines and other water treatment or supply lines such as fire protection systems.
  • Septic lines, tanks, piping, aned leach fields for sanitary and sewer services.
  • Buried propane or other underground storage tanks.
The GEL Solutions Utility Location Work Flow Process Involves:
  • Comprehensive investigation of the area of concern, as well as immediately adjacent areas, to determine the presence of possible underground utilities indicated by physical features.
  • Utilization of EM, GPR, and other available tools to investigate the area of concern.
  • Marking of all detected underground utilities in accordance with APWA color code standards.
  • Providing an electronic field sketch of the area of interest to include utilities and/or structures that were marked in order to preserve and record prior to excavation. activities.


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