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Raptor Technology

Check out  the video below about our Raptor® Technology services.


GEL Solutions is the first company in North America to acquire and successfully deploy the Raptor®, the newly Federal Communications Commission certified high-speed ground penetrating radar (GPR) array manufactured by Impulse Radar AB in Sweden. The system is the first GPR array to incorporate real-time digital sampling technology that allows the collection of 3D GPR data at posted highway speeds. The advanced digital technology provides increased depth penetration in most soils and a large bandwidth facilitates greater resolution of utility and other targets. The data is integrated into GEL Solutions’ 3D underground utility mapping software providing our clients with subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and other underground 3D mapping deliverables.

The value to GEL Solutions’ customers is clear; providing superior data faster than any other system. This translates into more utilities detected in complex urban and industrial settings than is achievable with conventional SUE tools. The goal is to reduce overall project costs by mitigating unforeseen utility conflicts; and the Raptor®, coupled with GEL’ Solutions' rigorous approach using all available technology, is already delivering results.

  • Collect data at posted highway speeds in most areas
  • High-resolution, dense 3D data coverage
  • Positioning to survey grade
  • Utility and other features are directly mapped to CAD software
  • Reduces project data collection costs and time
  • No lane closures or traffic control for most projects
  • Augments all sensor data for SUE investigations over large areas not practical with 2D GPR systems
  • Provides higher quality dense data to detect more underground facilities and other buried objects


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