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SUE+ Deliverables

GEL Solutions is pioneering the delivery of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) information, including true 3D products. In addition to our standard SUE deliverables, and at no additional cost, we are able to provide our SUE+ deliverable.

SUE+ is provided electronically as .kmz or .kml files incorporating a Google Earth overlay. Upon opening this file, the AutoCAD or Microstation utility layers and select photos/forms will be shown overlain onto the Google Earth platform. This deliverable provides an illustrative view of the utility information directly within Google Earth, and allows the user to navigate in plan, oblique, and Street View to see the general positioning of site utilities and features. Moreover, we can provide a photo/video catalog of selected utility appurtenances, test hole data sheets, and manhole data sheets that are linked and posted to the provided .kmz or .kml file. This allows the user to click on icons within the Google Earth image to open and view linked information pertinent to the SUE investigation.

We would love to answer any questions you may have about this deliverable. If you would like to schedule a Lunch and Learn for your firm so we can provide a live demonstration, please contact one of our offices.


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