Our Services

Unexploded Ordnance

Reliable and accurate detection and mapping for EOD teams.

The importance of safely and accurately locating unexploded ordnance speaks for itself. GEL Solutions provides data that is dependable, defensible, and cost-effective. We use the latest UXO technology accepted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and we comply with the rapidly changing federal requirements.

We can design a survey that takes into consideration terrain, type and size of ordnance, and depth of clearance, and apply the appropriate methods such as electromagnetics and magnetics. GEL Solutions has provided digital geophysical mapping (DGM) services for private and government entities throughout the country.

  • Digital Geophysical Mapping
  • Data Processing and Interpretation
  • Military Munitions Site Management
UXO Equipment
  • Geometrics G-858 Magnetometers (single channel and arrays)
  • Geonics EM-61 (single channel and arrays)
  • Trimble Robotic Geodimeter
  • Trimble RTK GPS
  • Onboard Navigation System
  • Scintrex Smartmag SM-4 Magnetometer
  • Schondstedt Magnetic Locator


Our Locations: Charleston, South Carolina; Raleigh and Greensboro North Carolina and Marietta, Georgia.  Visit our contact page for details.