GEL Engineering grew out of a passion for people and the environment. Since 1981, our group of engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, biologists, industrial hygienists, and surveyors realized that the most important part of our work is service to our clients and the environment. From our offices in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Kentucky, we help our customers meet their business goals with a vision for a better tomorrow that brings prosperity, health, and environmental well-being to every company and community we serve.


As a part of The GEL Group, Inc., we share a common mission: to improve the quality of life for community members in our service areas now and in the future by being good stewards of our environment and natural resources. By helping our clients meet their goals, we achieve our own.


Our first consulting services were the field collection of soil and groundwater samples. Since those early days, we expanded our capabilities to include a full range of surveying, engineering, and environmental services to respond to the growing needs of our clients.


GEL Engineering prides itself on working safely both in our offices and on every job site. Our personnel follow a stringent matrix of safety training tailored to their job role and the sites they visit. When you meet with our staff, you can be assured that working safely is a top priority.

Our Blog

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments Protect Buyers from Unknown Liabilities

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESAs) are investigations designed to uncover liabilities associated with commercial properties and satisfy one of the requirements to qualify for the landowner liability protection (innocent…

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PFAS Basics: What Every Industry Should Know

Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are the latest chemicals identified as potentially harmful pollutants found in soil, groundwater, surface waters, and air. PFAS substances are believed to be widespread and persistent in nature…

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The GEL Group Adopts Environmental Sustainability to Protect our Earth

For over 40 years, The GEL Group, Inc. has followed a mission to improve the environment for our clients and colleagues. Sustainability programs have shown a measurable improvement in protecting our natural resources and enhancing environmental…

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Case Studies

Case Study
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Renovations

Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Assessments, Design, Air-Monitoring and Abatement Oversight Services related to the renovation of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

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Case Study
Stormwater Discharge Investigation

GEL assisted multiple manufacturing facilities with detecting potential sources of zinc impacting stormwater reporting. 

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Case Study
Vapor Intrusion Services for Former Manufacturing Site

GEL conducted a multi-phase vapor intrusion assessment at a brownfield site that was scheduled for redevelopment.

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