Our Experience

Vapor Intrusion Services for Former Manufacturing Site

GEL conducted a multi-phase vapor intrusion assessment at a brownfield site that was scheduled for redevelopment.

The Client

The owner of a former manufacturing site desired to remediate and redevelop the brownfield site.

The Challenge

Activities at the former manufacturing facility had impacted shallow groundwater with chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons, and the Site Management Plan required assessment of the potential for vapor intrusion in the vicinity of the groundwater plumes.

GEL Engineering Services Provided

GEL conducted several rounds of shallow soil vapor sampling before and after clearing of the site for redevelopment.  The sampling results were compared to applicable US EPA vapor intrusion screening levels.   Based on the sampling results, a vapor mitigation system consisting of a passive sub-slab vent system and impermeable sub-slab vapor barrier was installed in the new buildings constructed as part of site redevelopment.

The Result

Redevelopment of the site was able to move forward based on the approved mitigation system.