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Whether you need organic, inorganic, wet chemistry, radiochemistry or radiobioassay testing, look to GEL Laboratories for your comprehensive analytical testing needs. For more than three decades, we have delivered defensible data on time to a diverse range of clients.

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Environmental Chemistry

GEL's full-service analytical chemistry laboratory is dedicated to supporting organic, inorganic and specialty analyses for a wide range of applications.

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Radiochemistry Analysis

One of the largest radiochemistry labs in the US, GEL specializes in providing radiochemical services to customers who need accurate data to make informed decisions.

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Analytical Support and Products

GEL provides various software tools to help you with sample collection and data management.

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GEL is a SCHF member, a DEA registered lab, and A2LA accredited and ISO 17025 certified for Hemp Analysis.

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Well Water Radiological Test Kit

GEL's Well Water Radiological testing kit includes analysis for Uranium, Gross Alpha & Beta and Radon in Water. Sampling containers as well as a Fed Ex standard overnight return shipping airbill are provided.

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Find a service

GEL offers one-stop shopping for testing services and a commitment to your project's success.

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Get started working with GEL Laboratories on your analytical project.

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Prepare Your Sample

Download instructions on how to prepare your samples.


Case Studies

Case Study
Safety - A Core Value

Safety is a core value at GEL Laboratories, and plays a large part in our company culture.

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Case Study
LEAN Principles at GEL

GEL has invested in LEAN training and made meaningful process improvements to eliminate waste.

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Case Study
Per-(Poly) Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

GEL has developed EPA Methods 537 and 537 modified to support PFAS analysis across the United States. 

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One of the largest analytical testing laboratories in the United States providing state-of-the-art services for diverse and complex projects.

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